Saturday, 1 June 2013

Supporting charities with your crafts

When I had the idea for this blog post I wondered if and how craft makers on Folksy raised funds for charities through their crafts. I had my own ideas but I was interested in what others were doing.

Some of my ideas about how we can support charities were probably things that many of us already did in one way or another:

1.   Booking a stall at a Craft fair organised by a charity – I have supported Guide Dogs for the Blind, Save the Children, Primrose Hospice and many others in this way.
2.   Giving a percentage of your Folksy sales to a charity that has particular importance to you.  This something I have thought about and I am sure that some people already do this.
3.   Donating some of your stock to a charity so they can sell it and raise necessary funds.  I was pleased that the bags I donated will be helping to raise funds for Save the Children.
4.    Buying items from charity shops that you can recycle or upcycle with your craft work.  I always enjoy purchasing items from Charity shops.  My most recent purchase was a 100% wool sweater that I felted in the washing machine and made some purses with it.

Several shops on Folksy have specific charities that they already support and some of the items in their shop are specifically made to raise funds.

Annabel from ARP Glass designs:

“I have created a collection of key rings in aid of the RSPB, a society that helps our birds and wildlife. I chose them because not only do I have quite a few birds in my shop now, but with our long harsh winter plus the chemical spills, the bird population is dwindling. Our ecosystem is precious and reduced numbers of just one species can have detrimental effects on other animals and ultimately us."

“With the bird key ring collection I have created, 50% of the proceeds is given to the RSPB. For the key rings, I contacted the RSPB and they register what you are doing and supply a logo for use in publicity. These I have put in my Folksy shop and will have them on any craft stalls I do. I hope to raise at least £100 by selling 50+ but early days yet!”
“More information on their work can be found here: 
Lastly I’ll give a little plug for a health charity I support: The Pituitary Foundation, a small charity that raises awareness and supports pituitary patients.”

Maureen from Sew Flair:

Since having treatment at the Royal Derby Hospital for a Cancer last year I have been making Pink Ribbon items. I have one cushion and nine bookmarks left in my current stock. I have just been given a check and have been given all clear. Wonderful news for me but my sister is now having chemotherapy.”

“In 2011 I went for my normal mammogram - which I had had regularly - and was shocked to find that I had a breast cancer that until then had been undetected. I received excellent care and after two operations and 6 weeks daily radiotherapy I have been given the all clear. My sister was persuaded to get checked and was found to have a much more advanced breast cancer. She had to have a full mastectomy and is still having chemotherapy. When she has completed the chemo she still has to have the radiotherapy as well. Just like to get all ladies to get checked. The earlier it is found the easier it is to deal with and you do not always know it is there.”

Pam from Phoenix Projects :

“I wanted to create a series of paintings to raise money for Kidney Research UK, a charity which is dedicated to funding research aimed at finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for kidney disease. The proceeds from this painting and also another in my shop will go to them."

"I chose to support Kidney Research UK, because I know many people who have been affected by kidney disease and renal failure. Any charity which works so hard to fund research into the causes and, hopefully, find a cure for any medical problem deserves support. I hope that people like my paintings and will support such a worthy cause by buying one.”

Charlotte from Wild Silver:

Charlotte has made some beautiful silver jewellery and the proceeds will be given to Barnstable Chemotherapy appeal.  Please visit her shop and you will see a lovely selection of silver jewellery.

“I made the cancer ribbon pendants as my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and I spent a lot of time in the Barnstaple chemotherapy ward with her, and although the service is excellent, the building and the facilities are very limited. The Barnstaple chemotherapy appeal is raising funds to build a purpose built day treatment unit that will offer many new facilities and hugely improve the service that Barnstaple is able to offer to its patients and their families.”

Eileen from Eileen’s craft studio:

“I've been raising funds regularly for the past 3 years with the Arts and Crafts Class I teach. We often have a demonstration of a craft that people may take part in.
The last one we did was with children T-shirt painting. We bought a selection of children’s white T-Shirts. Each child bought one and we supplied fabric pens and crayons for the younger children to create a design onto their T-shirt. The older children used fabric paints. I gave instructions on what to do and also supplied them with sponges, potato stamping, paint brushes, and stencils. We also helped the children to use the masking tape to hold their T-shirts in place on the tables, so they had a smooth surface to paint onto. After everyone had completed their own designs we then dried their effects with hairdryers, before I 'fixed' the fabric paints with a hot iron. The children were then able to take away their customized T-Shirts.”
 “The charity that received our cheque was 'The Smile Train', which is a charity in India of doctors who give up two months a year on a train going from town to town performing operations on people who have facial deformities and who can't afford to pay for them.”

I hope you have found this blog post of interest and will visit the shops that have been mentioned.  Click on the photos and it will take you directly to the item and the shop.

Finally, the photo above gives you a preview of some of the items I will be adding to my Folksy shop in the next week or two. I hope you will come and have a visit.




  1. Fabulous inspiring stories. Will take a proper look at their shops now. I give a % to Great Ormond Street on some of my books and also an a great supported of the charity #hugsfornoah Feels good to give the money to make a difference.

  2. Sorry - my English is terrible there! "Am a great supporter"!

  3. great blog Edwina, I too donate. My main charity is WRVS who use the money to help elderly people visit a community centre or to have a visitor on days when they feel unable to go out. But I also support many others through donations of raffle prizes or craft fairs such as pedal power, breast cancer research or my local community library. It's heartening to see even in these tough times people are still so generous :)

  4. Very interesting blog Edwina. It is good to help. I too have often given items to charities to sell and raise funds, there probably aren`t many crafters who haven`t. It`s always good to help.


  5. Great blog Edwina - I am in the process of designing a product that I would like to donate 100% of the proceeds to the PDSA, so your blog has certainly come at the right time for me! Thanks for all the info, Sarah x