Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pinterest and Folksy

Over the last couple of months I have been creating Pinterest boards for consideration for the folksy front page.  I have really enjoyed making the boards which is just as well, because every board I have made and put forward has been ignored, rejected, overlooked and met with folksy’s disapproval.  I have no idea why, or what I am doing wrong and I am sure I am not alone in this feeling.  One thing I have noticed, and although I know folksy will adamantly deny this, there is a bit of favouritism that goes on.  Certain sellers who create a board always have them chosen for the front page, but I am not going to name names!

For this blog post I thought I would talk about my boards and what has inspired me to create them. To illustrate my blog post I have chosen some of the items from the Pinterest boards I have created.

One of the first boards I created in May was called: "The Guitar Player".  This was directly inspired by watching a DVD of Eric Clapton in action.  Even if you don’t like his music you just have to appreciate his skill and awesome ability with playing the guitar.  Perhaps it was an age thing.  Is it possible the folksy team have never heard of Eric Clapton?  I love browsing folksy and seeing what handmade items are available and sometimes I am always surprised.  When I am creating a board I have four things in mind:

Does the item fit the theme?
Is it a good product?
Is the photograph good enough and does it show the item to its best advantage?
Have I selected items that have a variety of different medium and prices?

Sometimes there are lots of items that meet the above criteria, but when you are working towards creating a board with only 18 items, unfortunately a lot of items need to be rejected.  I have often rejected numerous of my own items too!  One item I was intrigued about was the number of handmade plectrums that were available.  When there are lots of the same item, choosing just the right one can be quite difficult!  In this instance I am afraid I broke my own rules and chose two plectrums!

Moving on, another of the boards I created was called: “A Fine Romance”.  Being a romantic through and through, I associated summer with romance and selected items that went with this theme.  My friend was on holiday in Vietnam in January and she met a lovely man and whilst initially it might have started as a holiday romance, six months later it is still going strong despite the fact he lives in Guernsey!  They commute back and forth to spend time together so this is what inspired this board.

“Beautiful birds” was inspired by fabric that I have come across with birds on.  This type of fabric is very popular and there are so many to choose from.  So whilst I was inspired by fabric, I tried to look and include non fabric items for my board.

Another gripe I have about the folksy selection process is the way most boards that get selected have just one day and night on the front page, but on Friday the board that gets chosen for that day ends up with three days (Saturday and Sunday).  I don’t like this.  What’s the point of changing the board every day during the week but then having the same board on the front page for three days?  It’s just plain daft.  They should choose a board for Friday and then choose another for Saturday and Sunday – surely it is possible to programme the change? Or have boards on the front page for two days each or whatever.  But I get bored with the same board come Sunday and wish they would change it.  Strangely enough they do change it on a three day weekend i.e. a bank holiday!

I am sorry if this blog post has been very critical of folksy, but when you have an itch it is very hard not to scratch it!  I try not to be negative but sometimes you just can't help yourself!

“Colour and Texture” was inspired by the project I was working on at the time.  I had started to make vintage lavender hearts.  I was struck by how textural they were because I was using vintage lace, vintage embroidery and buttons makes these make an interesting texture. There was colour from the embroidery and I thought about how important these two elements are in creating something unique.  “Colour and Texture” is one of my favourite boards and I tried not to include too many textile items, but I think I failed because there are quite a few, but then I am very drawn to these obviously!

Finally, my best boards or my very favourite boards are “Candy Floss” and “Guacamole”.  I felt sure folksy would choose one of these. I was wrong!  Another problem is that they have so many boards to choose from and they don’t appear to choose them in any particularly order or to any particular kind of criteria, but I may be wrong.  I know they like to have boards that take into account special days and events.  So at the beginning of Wimbledon there were a whole range of boards with connecting themes.

I love “Candy Floss”.  I was thinking about holidays again and remembered seeing a board that celebrated ice cream, so I thought why not?  I am not really a “pink” person, but I was delighted to find so many items that had a similar shade of pink or made a good contrast. This is what I wanted rather lots of images of candy floss!

 “Guacamole” is my very favourite board.  This is the last one I created and probably will remain my favourite until I make the next one!  I was inspired by a specific colour of green – apple green.  Not sure exactly why.  When I started creating the board I had not chosen the title.  I was thinking green as in fresh, new, virginal, but once I had finished the board and I looked at it as a whole I saw something different  - guacamole.  Again texture and colour!  The main fault with this board is that it has too many textile items (I can’t help it!)  I have also noted that many of the items have sold that I included on this board.  

I love jewellery and ceramics and always I want to include these items – there are always lots to choose from.  I also love art and art prints, photographs, paintings etc. but these are not things you can hold in your hands and fondle and touch and smell!  And so my leaning is always towards something tactile.

Hope you have enjoyed looking and reading my rant.  Please click on the photographs and have a browse in these shops.  You never know what you might discover.




  1. Hi I tend to agree with what you said about Folksy pin boards. I have, admittedly, had one published but only one and I have done dozens. They do seem to favour certain people and also certain themes. But I will keep trying and I think you should to. Your own sewing is exquisite and your choices for your pin boards are lovely and aposite.

  2. Great Blog Edwina and I agree with you. I have never had a pin board chosen. Maybe I am too general in my likes?

    Keep on with your boards though as they are always inspirational.

    Jacqueline x

  3. Hi Edwina! I feel your pain re: not getting my boards picked for the FP. I have had some up there, but others that I thought were equally good weren't chosen. If I don't make the FP, I tend to do a feature on my blog instead with the items I have chosen, so that my time has not been wasted!

    Yes, I agree with what you say about changing the boards daily - keeps it much more interesting and it would give two extra people a week the chance to have their 'moment of fame'! Julia x :)

  4. A thought provoking blog Edwina.
    You do make the most beautiful Pinterest boards for the Front Page and I am sure it is just a matter to time before one of yours is chosen.

    I was lucky enough to have one of mine featured this time last year. It was for the Tour de France. Not had one picked since but I haven't done that many.

    I can't say that I have noticed any favouritism going on though. The people featured on a weekend board are quite lucky to have three days' worth. Not that I can complain because I've been on a weekend board once.

    Don't give up.

    Shirley x

  5. Thanks for choosing my ring for your blog Edwina, I have only ever had one of my boards chosen for the front page too, I do find people re-pin a lot of the items I've chosen though, so making the pin boards is still worthwhile .

    So as Shirley says don't give up.

  6. Beautiful finds for your blog today Edwina and a well thought out argument!

    I've given up with making pinterest boards, as I felt that I never had my noticed, it always seemed like a lot of work for no response at all, so I do agree with what you have written.

    Natalie x

  7. Your boards are beautiful :)

    Yes they have their favourites!

    I have bnever had a board picked either - used to do lots but got disheartened & stopped!

    I have never even been included in a board that made FP.

    Keep going with them but only if they provide you with fun, inspiration, enjoyment!

    Dottie x

  8. Hi Edwina,
    Well you finally made it on the front cover of Folksy so all your hard work has finally paid off, and thank you for including my green necklace and earring set in your blog, Well done x
    Jan Ellen x

  9. Hi Edwina,

    I also agree that it seems a bit of favouritism going on or maybe their boards are just what Folksy are looking for. I don't know.

    However, your Guacamole board is really uplifting and I see it made it on the front page too. Yay!!

    All the best.