Saturday, 15 June 2013

Phoebe’s World

Today, I am illustrating my post with more preview photos of some lovely items.  These I will be available in my Folksy shop in the coming days and weeks.  I do hope you will visit it soon, and perhaps make a purchase or two!

In three weeks time, if she is born on her due date a baby girl will enter this world.  (And I am not referring to Kate and Will’s baby either.  It is purely coincidental.)  I am sure there will be hundreds and maybe thousands of babies born around this time who will have their birth date as July 2013.  But I was referring to one child, who whilst I am still alive, I will see grow up and develop as a person.

I don’t know what kind of world she is being born into.  I know her family, and she will have the most loving and caring parents anyone could want, but it does not stop there.  She will have loving grandparents who will dote on her, a brother (who is so excited at the prospect of having a little sister!) She will have cousins, great cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles.  And not least, a great-grandfather, who sadly is not well, so he may not see his beloved great grandchild grow up into a beautiful young woman, just like her Mum.  All of this extended family will be delighted to meet her and see her, buy gifts for her and generally welcome her into her family.

My hope is that she will discover and learn to appreciate beauty very early on in her life.  That as she learns and grows she will acknowledge beautiful things, like animals, birds, flowers, the sea, and lots of other lovely things that surround us in this world of ours today.  Phoebe is from the Greek and it means ‘the shining one’. One of the names of the Greek goddess of the moon was also known as Phoebe.  I can’t imagine a more beautiful name for a child who is going to be so greatly loved by such a huge host of people in her family.  Welcome to the world, Phoebe.

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  1. The thoughts you have written down for Phoebe are very beautiful Edwina and I wish this child all the love and happiness possible in the world.

    My own first grandchild was born 11 weeks ago and he too has been welcomed into a loving family.

    Shirley x