Saturday, 27 July 2013

Colour and texture

We all need colour and texture in our lives otherwise life would become very boring.  I have neglected my blog for a few weeks because other things in life have been more important. I loved the arrival of Phoebe Millie and she is so sweet – very beautiful and so quiet!  I told my niece if she was my daughter I would want to keep checking she was still breathing!  What a fussy mother I would have made!

Visits with my family, days out with friends, shopping with my sister – all these provide colour and texture to my life.  Celebrating my birthday was lovely.  I always enjoy this day whatever I am doing because it is the one day in the year that is special to me – (and all those who have birthdays on the same day!)  But, you don’t think about that when you are opening presents and cards with lovely sentiments.  One of my sisters sent me a card that included these words:
For you deserve the best
As those who know you will agree
Because you’re very special
To your friends and family

How often do we get told that during the year?  That’s what makes birthdays so enjoyable!

On the crafting front I have so many projects at various stages that it is so frustrating not to be able to finish them!  All the while I am trying to complete things, my mind is full of ideas for new ones.  Sometimes, I think that having a couple of clones might help me get all the jobs done.  We could all work on different projects and get them finished so much quicker than just little old me!

Recently I was watching two brilliant musicians play – Nigel Kennedy, the violinist on a DVD and the Japanese pianist, Nobuyuki Tsujii who has been blind from birth, at the Proms on TV.  Two extremely gifted musicians who play from memory – the music is stored in their minds.  I have such great admiration for people who have such a special gift.  Listening to them play the beautiful music I was reminded again of how important colour and texture is to our lives.

In my crafting space I am surrounded by colour and texture and that makes me happy.  I remember an old tutor from Art College saying that silk is a texture. I think he thought I was focussing too much on raised texture – surfaces that you can touch and feel the surface pattern.  I don’t think he needed to worry.  Silk is one of my favourite textures and I have a project planned using some pink silk dupion – I just need a window of time to focus on it!

I hope you have lots of colour and texture in your life.

I have illustrated my blog post today with images and items from the July Jazzies daily listing club on folksy.  I hope you enjoy the colour and texture illustrated and will click on the photos and have a browse in the shops – you won’t be disappointed!



FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Ann Chandler Originals, Paper Chains & Beads, Knittingtopia, Brockstones, The Card Jeanie and Adien Crafts

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Baby Fever

Don't you agree that there is nothing more special than the arrival of a new baby.  It is just so exciting.  Over the last few months I have been buying lots of handmade goodies to give as gifts to my niece and the little baby girl she is expecting any day now.  I have purchased most of my items either from Folksy or Facebook.  Actually, come to think about it I did buy one of them from Etsy – gosh I have been a busy bee!

For my blog post today I thought I would show you, and any expectant Mums, (and Dads) or family or friends who want to give gifts on the occasion of a new birth a selection of beautiful items that you can purchase from Folksy.  So sit back and enjoy, for once I shall not be saying very much.  (Was that a collective sigh of relief I heard?)  Yes, I know I am too wordy in my blog posts, but today you will happy to know I am going to try and be very quiet!

To start with we have beautiful card from Emma at Clarkie Designs.

Next we have a gorgeous knitted cardigan from Carol at Knittingtopia.  It is a wonderful colour, don't you agree?

Susan from Dottie Designs has made this beautiful memory book.

I just love baby clothes - they are just so cute and Natalie from NOfkants Curios has made this lovely baby jacket.

Now here is something very special for the wall of the baby nursery.  It is so colourful and full of meaning.  This is from Linda at Uniquely Yours Designs.

You can't have a new baby without having something special to wrap him/her in or place over the crib or pram.  This super crocheted blanket is by Rosalind from Myfanwysmakes.

I have to confess my very favourite thing is buying a super soft cuddly toy for the new baby - in fact I bought more than one for little baby Phoebe!  This little cutie has been handmade by Claire at KnitnPurl.

Finally, there are so many different cards available on folksy that if you wanted to choose something completely different from the traditional style, then here you have a lovely handmade card from Jean at The Card Jeanie.

Handmade is best! Do click on the photos and have a browse in the seller’s shop.  You are certain to find that special gift you are looking for.  And enjoy all your new arrivals!




Baby Phoebe Millie was born on 10th July 2013 at 12.50am weighing 6lbs 12oz.  Both mother and baby are doing well!