Thursday, 26 April 2012

All Buttoned Up! Part 1

I have been intending to write a blog post about buttons for some time, but I never seem to get around to photographing my stash of buttons!  However, I have made a determined effort and here you have them!  The photos show only a small (tiny, miniscule,) selection of my collection.  I have chosen just the vintage buttons, but I also collect new ones because they are fun and there is so much variety and lovely colours to be found.
I love buttons!  I never knew this, until a few years ago when I started crafting with them. This coincided with me building up a HUGE collection!  Early this year a friend’s mother gave me a very heavy tin full of vintage buttons.  WOW!  I found some glorious ones inside the tin and I thought I would share some of them with you. In my opinion buttons are the best embellishment you can use, and if you visit my Folksy shop you will see that I frequently use them on the bags, purses and also on my notebooks and journals.

My favourite buttons are the Art Deco ones.  I was so thrilled when I found these in the tin.  They are gorgeous.  I don’t know if I will use them for a project, as they seem too special, so it would have to be a very, very special project!  The blue buttons are very pretty.  Sadly some of the paint has worn off – but if you look closely they were once very pretty buttons.  It is such a shame that time and age has deteriorated their appearance.
The Mother of Pearl buttons are another favourite and in the photo I only show you some big ones, but I have lots and lots of small ones that I have already started to use in my projects, particularly on my A6 notebooks and A5 journals.  The ladybird buttons are fabulous and what a find – when I was looking in the tin it started with one, then another, and it gets so exciting when you keep finding more!  They are definitely vintage, but I know you can probably buy new ladybird buttons today, so again I doubt I shall use these ones.

I have discovered that crafters use buttons in a myriad ways too which is very exciting. So let’s celebrate the humble button! Here are some lovely craft items from Folksy that include buttons in one way or another. Don’t forget to click on the image and view it in the sellers shop! Enjoy!

From top to bottom: 1. Dees Design, 2. Quilting Demon, 3. Dottery Pottery, 4. made to make, 5. Kozmic Dreams, 6. beady daze, 7. Buttercup Boutique, 8. Dab and a dash.

Part 2 of my blog will be coming soon with what I love most about buttons and some interesting facts too.  Plus some more gorgeous craft items from the Folksy Sellers.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mega Blog Giveaway

To celebrate six months on Folksy I am having a mega giveaway and it comprises of the following:

·        Silk patchwork cosmetics purse - measures 20.5cm (8ins) wide x 18cm (7ins) deep with base = 15cm  (6ins) long x 5cm (2ins) wide

·        Red Coin purse - measures 12cm (4.75ins) x 10.5cm (4.25ins)

·        Six green vintage buttons (approx. 20mm diameter at widest point)

·        1 metre cream vintage lace with width 10cm (4ins)

·        A6 notebook

·        Pack of 4 A6 patchwork cards (or note lets) comprising of three green and one black. (Each card has six circles of different fabrics stitched on the front. (They are blank inside.)

Six items – one for each month I have been on Folksy! I am looking for THREE lucky winners and each winner will receive TWO items from the above selection.

Why am I celebrating?  There are a couple of reasons.  I opened my shop back in October 2011 and quite soon after I had a few sales and this was very encouraging.  My bags, purses and journals seem to attract people looking for Christmas gifts, so I joined Folksy at the right time.
In December I became a member of the daily listing club and very quickly began to enjoy getting to know other sellers on Folksy.  The support and encouragement I received trying to sell my handmade items really made it worthwhile.  I learnt lots too.  I was able to make improvements to my shop by providing better photographs.
Compared to other sellers on Folksy I feel that I have been very lucky in achieving nearly sixty sales in six months!  I love what I do.  I want to share what I love with other people.  All good reasons to celebrate and this giveaway is my way of saying “thank you for your support”. It’s very exciting!  I am looking forward to finding out who the winners are!

How to enter my mega giveaway:
1.   Become a member of my blog if you aren’t one already.
2.   Leave a comment on this post.
3.   Say in the comment which one item (of the six items) you would most like to receive and why.

All the names that have entered will then be collected together. Then three names will be randomly selected to receive two each of the above items.  The mega giveaway closes at 9pm on Sunday 22nd April 2012.

I will update this post to announce the winners on Monday.  Good luck everyone!


P.S.  Don’t forget I am also offering 25% discount off ALL purses listed in my shop until Sunday too!
The Winners of my Blog Giveaway

First of all, thank you all so much for entering my six months on Folksy celebration blog giveaway.  I have really enjoyed doing it, so I am sure it won’t be long before I have another!  (Now what can I celebrate next? She thinks.)
I am sorry that there are only three winners.  I would have loved to have been able to give you all a little something!  Anyway, without further ado the THREE winners are:
·        Mrs Jones
·        Say it says
·        Oakapplerose

Congratulations to the three winners!
Edwina J

Friday, 13 April 2012


Handmade by Edwina
Texture is incredibly important, but I wonder how many of us think about it?  What do I mean by it too?

When I was at Art College I remember having a great deal of fun in my sketchbook by experimenting with acrylic paint and mixing it variety of other substances to create texture, for example, salt, sand, poppy seeds, candle wax, and cut up bits of polystyrene.  Of course, you can buy acrylic mediums that create different textural effects, but they were expensive, and I was having way too much fun using these other substances!  My tutor commented that silky smooth is a texture.  (‘Fine’, I thought, ‘but not nearly as exciting!’)

When I started making collages texture became key, and I sought out handmade papers, textured wallpaper that I would paint with acrylic paint, different types of fabric, lace, buttons, beads, stitching, wool, raffia, ribbon etc.  Colour and variety seemed important.  So texture has always been part of what I do creatively whether consciously or unconsciously.  If you are interested in looking at my collages check out my website:

Crafting with fabric is a great joy.  If I find a plain fabric then I think of a myriad ways to add to it, whether it is appliqué, stitching, embroidery, or lace and buttons.  With highly patterned fabric, then adding texture is more challenging...  and sometimes not really required, but I’m always looking for ways to use buttons from my huge stash!  I also have a small stash of vintage braid too that I have been using recently, often because I feel I am adding a unique ingredient to what I am creating!
Lace is my favourite medium for adding texture.  I don’t know what it is about lace, but I love everything about it and I have a huge stash that I still keep adding to!  I was told recently that lace is a totally feminine thing.  I’d never thought about it before.  Maybe unconsciously I am making a statement about being a woman and lace is representative of that fact.

Anyway, here is my blog all about texture and how on earth am I going to illustrate it?  It seemed obvious to select a few items from the lovely April Artisans that demonstrate texture in a myriad of different ways.
Don’t forget to click on the photo and it will take you directly to their shop. Enjoy!


Friday, 6 April 2012

Creative Card Making

Last weekend I spent the time making Easter cards for family and friends.  It took ages and I had to use the KISS principle because of the time factor!  I was quite pleased with my efforts and successfully made TEN cards!
I enjoy card making from time to time and have been doing it for years – mainly just for family and birthdays, although I have made Christmas cards to sell in my shop and at Craft Fairs.  I have also a few packs of textile based cards in my Folksy shop.  But I won’t be producing any more of these, so once they have gone they have gone!

Handmade by Edwina

KISS?  Keep it simple stupid!

The majority of the Easter cards have now been safely despatched to all the recipients. I have a few family birthdays coming up, so will be thinking of what cards to produce for these, but I have a little bit of time before I shall be card making again!

Adien Crafts

I love seeing all the lovely cards that the wonderful designers/makers on Folksy produce.  They are a very talented group of people and I thought it was time to celebrate this and show some of their stunning cards on my blog.
The cards all look very professional, well designed and more importantly I always feel that a lot of thought and heart has gone into the making.  Their passion shines through!

Ello Design

Don’t forget to click on the photo and it will take you directly to the shop.

Crafty Mushroom

Just in case you are not aware I am running a special offer in my Folksy shop at the moment.  25% discount off ALL bags and totes until midnight on Easter Monday (9th April 2012)  Only the first FIVE customers will be lucky, so grab a bargain now!

Helles Belles Cards


Maxine Veronica

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful cards.  I certainly have and I eagerly await more of their delights in the April Artisans daily listing club!