Sunday, 5 May 2013

What shall I do next? With Giveaway!

Fabric Pile

Do you ever have this dilemma?  A million and one ideas floating round in your head and you can’t decide what your next project should be?  I love creating and I am really passionate about it.  But I am one of these people who cannot do the same thing over and over again.  Sorry, no offence, but I need variety.  I often work on several projects at the same time, and progress them to their different stages which offers me a variety of different tasks.  Of course, there are repetitive actions involved – things that need to be done, but can be quite boring when they are isolated e.g. when I am making my journals or notebooks the cutting, scoring, folding of the paper is so monotonous, but necessary!

Psychedelic fabric journal

My favourite task of course is handling and admiring the fabrics and thinking about what I am going to make with them.  Once decided they sit on a pile until it is time to start cutting. This can be quite a protracted process, because I am erratic and I might sift through the pile until I find something I feel like making!

Wide embroidered purse

I made a list of new projects (to be started) and I just could not decide what to do next!  Would you like to help me decide?  I have taken some photos of some of the wonderful fabrics I have on my pile, (see top photo) and I have already decided what I would like to make with them.  But which one should I start with?
If you would like to help me decide, then please leave a comment saying which project you feel I should start next. I will put all the names of all those who participate in a hat (metaphorical) and then randomly pick one out. The winner can choose to receive either the A6 notebook or the Harris Tweed purse as a thank you gift for being so helpful. Please state in your comment which item you would like to win either the notebook or purse. Also, share how you have promoted my Folksy shop i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. as this would be most welcome and appreciated!

Harris Tweed purse

A6 Notebook with bird on front cover

Here is my list: (in no particular order)

     Two Sewing purses with the Robert Kaufman’s “Vintage Couturier” fabric.   (I had previously made sewing purses with this fabric and they have sold quite quickly).  Here’s a photo of a previous one:

Vintage style fabric sewing purse

     Large or small Cosmetic purse using a lovely floral and birds fabric which I am going to team up with some green faux suede.

          A5 Patchwork Journal.  I purchase some beautiful fat quarters from the V&A Museum shop which are based on their collection. Lovely!

     A5 Travel Journal.  I have some fabric with the World Map printed on it in another language (I don’t know what).  I thought it would be ideal for a travel journal.

Green bird fabric, V&A fabric & Map of the World fabric

Two A6 notebooks.  I am looking forward to using some gorgeous oranges and lemons fabric by Richard Kaufman – one notebook in the oranges and another in the lemons.  Fabulous!

Special Occasion Purse 1.  I want to use some more of my vintage lace to create another purse.  This time I have an idea about embellishing it with a white or cream corsage on the front.  I use white linen as the base fabric.

Special Occasion Purse 2.  This time I want to make a purse using some beautiful rainbow coloured gathered lace.  This would be very exciting as I have not done this before. (I am always up for a challenge!)  Again, I use white linen as the base fabric.

Patchwork Journal 2.  I have some gorgeous purple fat quarters that I purchased at the NEC, Birmingham Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch exhibition in March.  I feel sure they will make a stunning journal!

Don’t forget to check out my Folksy shop – lots of new items added – I am trying to restock it as quickly as I can – I hope to achieve 100 items by the end of May.  Do you think I will do it?

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.



P.S. Please note only UK residents can enter the giveaway.


Thanks so much to the five of you who entered - opinion was divided on what I shall do next, but I think using the map fabric for a travel journal is next on the list to do - of course, I am going to make everything eventually!

I really appreciate your support.  All your names were written on paper and placed in a container and my friend popped their hand in and pulled out...

Linda, from Uniquely Yours - Well done, Linda - the notebook will be on it's way to you very soon.

Do look at my next blog - a Very Special Feature on Jacqueline from J Austen Jewellery Designs.

Thanks again.



  1. I looked at the fabric and thought that the one with the map on would make a fabulous travel journal.
    I bought an A5 journal from you before as a gift and it was touch and go whether she got it, it was so gorgeous.
    Love the purple fabric too, it will make a stunning journal.
    I definitely think it should be a journal next.
    If I should be lucky enough to be a winner I would go for the A6 journal.


  2. Hi Edwina - they all look & sound great, so I can understand how difficult it must be to decide which to make first.

    My vote goes to the special occasion purse - the lace looks beautiful, plus,as it's something you haven't made before, I'm sure you'll get loads of satisfaction from making it & seeing the finished item.

    ps if I'm lucky enough to win I would love to receive the notebook.


  3. Hi Edwina,

    I do love the sound of a travel journal using that world map fabric (I *love* maps!), but my vote has to be for the oranges & lemons notebooks, mostly because I have a top made out of orange-print fabric that I'm really into at the moment, but also because I reckon they'd make a lovely summery gift & would hopefully sell well on Folksy!

    If I was drawn out of the metaphorical hat I'd love the notebook :)

    Becky x

  4. Oh, what a lovely blog and fantastic Give away! I would love to see the A5 Patchwork Journal as the V&A fabric sounds divine. If I was lucky enough to have my name drawn, I would love to win the notebook as it would make a gorgeous gift me!

    Jacqueline x

  5. Edwina what a lovely dilemma to have! I too,love looking at fabrics, yarns, trims and buttons and they tell me what they would like to be made into! Glad I am not the only mad one out there!

    I love your idea of a travel journey, it would make a fantastic gift for a young person going on a gap year, or for a retirement couple, just starting out on enjoying their free time together seeing the world! I think your atlas fabrics would be just wonderful for the project and you could make them feminine or masculine with the addition or not of lace and floral embellishments!

    Hope to be the lucky one to be pulled out to the hat, but good luck to everyone entering!