Sunday, 28 April 2013


I am back with a special preview!  Yes.  I have reopened my Folksy shop after a lovely three month break.  I tried to relax, but I kept on making lots of lovely new items and today I am going to give you a special preview of what you will soon find in my Folksy shop during the coming weeks.

 I have created lots of new handmade journals and notebooks.  I can’t seem to stop making them!  I am always looking for unusual or ‘different’ fabric to use for the covers and I am really pleased with what I have found.

Music Journal

I love Paris Notebook

The "I love Paris" fabric was very popular when I used it to make 2013 diary covers, so I decided a notebook would be ideal made in the same fabric. I searched high and low to find the music fabric and was delighted with this find!  

I have also had a purse making ‘bonanza’ where I have been exploring new ideas and techniques.  I think I will write more about that in a later post.  

Primarily today I want to give you a preview of my special occasion purses – they are ideal for weddings, proms or that special event or evening out.  I have really enjoyed making these purses and still have lots of ideas for future ones.

My favourite fabric/material has to be LACE so I was determined to dive into my huge stash and see what beauties I could come up with!

Special Occasion Purses

Special Occasion purse three flowers motif
Firstly, the heart shaped purse was quite a challenge.  Where was I going to place the opening?  I think it works, but I’ll you to decide that.  All my purses have zip closures because I no longer make or sell bags.  Even though you might consider these small bags – I really prefer to call them purses.

Special Occasion purse - heart shaped

The remainder of my stock of bags has been given/donated to a local group who raise funds for “Save the Children”.  They will sell them, or raffle them or whatever, in order to raise funds for the charity.  I am really pleased that they agreed to take them.  I no longer wish to make or sell bags but concentrate my time and creative efforts on handmade books and purses.

My favourite special occasion purse is the one I made with vintage lace and new lace for the bow with pearl beads.  Mind you, it was the last one that I made so I guess it will remain my favourite until I make the next one!

What I would like to offer potential customers is the option of making customised versions of the purses – in different colours, or with a variation of design.  For example, if a customer likes the shape of a particular purse but also likes the idea of having a bow, then no problem – I can easily adapt and combine, making another unique purse. I have a huge stash of lace that I have collected over the years and not just white - lots of different colours!

If anyone is interested in the items I have shown or the special occasion purses please contact me via my Folksy shop.

I think I have rambled on enough.  Who knew that I had so much to say?!




  1. Welcome back to Folksy, Edwina. You have been missed! Glad to see you have been busy with lots of gorgeous new pieces :)

  2. It's lovely to see you back on Folksy Edwina. I have missed your beautiful notebooks and journals.
    That little heart shaped purse is very pretty and would be great for a little flower girl at a wedding.
    I am looking forward to seeing all your new makes.
    Shirley x

  3. Wow, these purses are amazing. It's great to see that you've not stopped creating.

  4. Amazing work...I really love your new items! Best of luck with your Folksy shop.
    Chris xx

  5. Great to see you're still making gorgeous things Edwina, the notebooks are especially lovely and i'll be sure to keep an eye on your shop :)

    Leanne x x