Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hooray for card makers!

I am devoting my blog post today to card makers.  I just love what they do – their creativeness, inventiveness, individuality, craftsmanship, perseverance and uniqueness.  Yes, I am a great fan!

I have dabbled in card making myself, but mainly I only create them for friends and family.  I have made a few textile based cards to sell at Craft Fairs, but these tend to be very simple and plain.  What I love about the card makers on Folksy is the endless variety that you can find – cards for every occasion imaginable and such beautiful designs and techniques.


There is nothing quite like looking at a specially handcrafted card – it can lift your spirits.  I know how long it takes me to create a card for friends or family members and I do not use any fancy techniques!  I am in such great admiration for the amazing array of techniques that are evident in the cards from our card makers on Folksy.  I have selected a few favourites with samples of their cards.  (Please click on the photos and it will take you directly to their shop where you will find a whole gallery of delights to tempt you.)

I imagine that card making is a tough business.  Sellers are competing not only with other sellers, but there is such a huge community of folk who are making cards as a hobby – much like myself.  I never buy a shop bought card nowadays, but I have purchased a few handcrafted cards from Folksy.  I was so busy prior to Christmas last year that I just did not have time to create any Christmas cards for friends and the family, which was a little disappointing for me because I enjoy it so much, and for them who also enjoy receiving my handcrafted efforts.  Problem solved, I just purchased more than enough handcrafted cards from Folksy sellers – there was so much choice – and sent these out as my Christmas cards.

I imagine that when sales are slow, card makers must feel very disheartened.  Perhaps some start to wonder what is wrong with what they are making, why are they not selling? Perhaps self doubt creeps in, and I am guessing it must feel really difficult.  But I think that often the problem is only that buyers on Folksy have so much CHOICE.  They can pick and choose their cards from a vast array of makers on Folksy.  My advice during these times is: If you love what you do – just keep making.  This is what I do when I feel discouraged – just keep on making! Enjoy, enjoy!  OK so maybe no one is buying your cards at the moment, but maybe one day ... soon... you just never know!

I love looking at the wonderful cards that I see on Folksy and would feel bereft if they all suddenly disappeared.  Sometimes I look at cards and think “how did they do that?”  Sometimes I look at cards and think “that’s a good idea – perhaps I will try that next time I make a card!”  Mostly though, I look at cards and just enjoy their creativeness and beauty.  So join with me to shout three cheers for card makers! Hip Hip Hooray!

I have been busy restocking my Folksy shop and have lots of new notebooks and journals. Here are a few new items that I have listed during this past week.  Enjoy!



FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Dees Designs, Box of Delights, From Joan Cards, picocrafts, Paper Chains & Beads and Helle Belles Cards


  1. Lovely blog, and thank you so much picking one of my cards, for me cardmaking something I enjoy and do to relax so it's always a huge boost when my cards are bought :)

  2. Thank you for showing my Thank You card Edwina, yes it does get a bit disheartening when sales are slow but I keep plodding on as the feedback from satisfied customers makes it worth while :-)

  3. What a lovely blog. I love receiving cards, especially hand made ones. They make me feel well loved and thought of. Much better than a present!

    Jacqueline x