Sunday, 8 September 2013

September Surfers

Hearts and Flowers is my theme for today.  I have chosen a selection of lovely items from the September Surfers either newly listed items or relisted items. It is so difficult to choose items when there are so many lovely ones to choose from, but deciding on a theme helped me to focus and narrow down my selection.  Huge apologies to those who missed out, but I couldn’t show everyone’s work!

September Surfers is the name chosen for the daily listing group on folksy for the month of September.  Being part of this group over the years I have been a seller on folksy has been a most enjoyable experience.  Participants receive and give support and there is camaraderie amongst the group that is second to none.  We show off our new items and we promote each other’s work.  But we also have a chat and a laugh.  We have shared births, deaths, illness, problems and triumphs and celebrated sales and achievements.

The group is organised by Natalie Ofkants of NOfkants Curios and Accessories, a talented woman, who holds the group altogether with starting the thread each day, keeping the daily tally of sales and cheering everyone on.

I find the group very motivating.  I look forward to seeing what other sellers are listing that day and watching the tally for new sales.  There is nothing like the thrill of reporting a sale and visiting the thread is the first thing I want to do when I get a sale.  Being a member of the group has helped me through difficult times.  And when I am not listing I always want to visit the thread to see what is going on!  I suppose you could say the daily listing thread is my virtual family.

Why not come and join us?  Not everyone lists a new item everyday or relists an item but why not pop in when you can.  Clicking through the items and seeing them in each other’s shop doesn’t usually take very long and this is when I usually pin the items to my Pinterest board.  Doing this often means that the items get repins and are seen quite widely.  Sales have often resulted from this promoting.  Other use Twitter or Facebook or Stumble Upon etc.  There are not rules, just do what you can to support and promote the thread.

Being part of this group as a seller on folksy has enhanced my experienced of selling on folksy.  I think it could be quite boring just selling on my own, but being part of the group is fun and exciting.  I’ve learnt a tremendous amount from being part of the group, and I have also appreciated and valued the support I have received.

Recently my sales have taken a nose dive and it is so hard to keep going when that happens.  But because I keep listing and showing my items in the group, it helps me to continue when I feel like giving up.  I know I am not alone struggling with achieving sales and that helps.  Sometimes self-doubt creeps in, but then someone will say something that helps to banish that thought!

Come and join us or at least have a look at the beautiful items the September Surfers have listed.  Click on the photos and it will take you directly to their shops, stop and have a browse, you are sure to find something that you like.  Remember Christmas isn’t all that far away and you know you need some fresh ideas for gifts this year!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about the September Surfers and will come back for another visit.



FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Nofkants Curios, Vintage Vibe, Lizzyanthus Jewellery, Daisy crazy creations, Stephanie Short Stationery, Dottie Designs, Sewflair, She Is All Art and Juniper Spools.


  1. What a fabulous collection Edwina. I too find that if I step away from the listing club I lose motivation for everything Folksy. Thank you so much for including me in this lovely selection of goodies.

  2. Thanks so much Edwina for including one of my cards in your blog, what a great read and worded brilliantly.
    Exactly what I have found since joining in this particular forum. It has helped keep me focused and motivated something I have found hard over the last few years due to ill health.
    So thanks again and thanks to all September Surfers!
    Steph x

  3. What lovely items you have chosen Edwina but then, all the items from the daily listers are lovely.

    On other selling platforms I have looked into the forums and I must say, they scare me! Folksy, particularly the daily listing group, isn't like that at all. They are not all self, self, self and are more than happy to help promote others in any way they can. Even if you ask for help - 'are my prices ok? what do you think of my photos?' etc you receive constructive help rather than nasty comments like I have seen elsewhere. The Folksy forums are the only forums I use and it makes me feel like part of a big business with everyone working together rather than being a sole trader.
    Carol x

  4. Many thanks Edwina - a lovely Blog on SeptemberSurfers - It's good to feel we are all here keeping us all positive. We all need motivation from time to time and I find mine on the Folksy forums. Many thanks for including me - Maureen

  5. Thanks for including our pendant in your lovely blog about the Folksy Listings club. There's always a lovely selection of handmade crafts to discover; and whenever we have taken part, we have always found the other members to be friendly, encouraging and willing to help each other. Thanks again Edwina.
    Lizzy & Chryssanthi

  6. Thank you Edwina for including my double heart gemstone keyring or handbag charming your blog today and alongside such wonderful items and other crafters, I feel honoured to be featured alongside them.

    Thank you too for your lovely comments and vote of confidence, the Daily Listing Club is such a joy to be part of, a real family of fellow artisans, I feel I have made true friends through the club and the forums, even if many of us will never physically meet in the flesh, I feel I have gotten to know true friends!

    Natalie x

  7. What a wonderful post! I've always been a little confused about the daily listing threads and since I don't list something everyday have always felt a bit awkward about posting on them, but you make is sound such a welcoming place that I may have to drop in more often and overcome my nerves!

    Wonderful choice of items too :)