Saturday, 31 August 2013

Purse and Bag Charms

No, I haven’t suddenly become a jewellery maker over night!  I just love purse and bag charms.  I have collected quite a few over the years that I have been selling on folksy.  Some I have given away as gifts, but some I have kept.  Recently, I had been thinking that I would love to make them.  I felt sure that they couldn’t be difficult, once you know how!  I also thought that because I make purses (and used to make bags) that they were not too far removed from what I do!  Not sure at this point if I will try and sell them!  It depends how I get on.

So far, I have asked for some advice about how to get started and received some from a lovely jewellery maker on folksy.  I have purchased some tools, findings and beads – oh, and a few charms!  I also watched one of those really help instruction videos that you can find on the web.  Learnt some essential tips!

Over the years I have been collecting beads of all types and sizes, not that I had a clue what I was going to do with them!  So I have a box full now plus a few in scattered places around my home!  I used the small pearls beads for my embroidery and I just love them.  Recently, I started using them on my purses with lace and ribbon.  I have a tendency to get carried away when I am embellishing and I often need reigning in!

Oh, in case you were wondering these beautiful bag charms I am illustrating my blog post with are NOT MINE!  They are a selection of my favourite ones that I found on folksy.  Please click on the photos and visit the shops.  The sellers have some amazing, gorgeous items for sale. 

The other thing I have done is start a new Pinterest board which I hope to fill with bag charms that I find, that I just can’t resist!  It will be a lovely collection, I am sure, when I have collected a few more.  Here is the link: purse and bag charms

I haven’t started yet, but I certainly have ideas for my first attempts at making bag charms.  I think it is a really good idea to expand your craft knowledge – don’t you agree?  Perhaps, I should mention that I have no previous knowledge of jewellery making, but I am really looking forward to getting started and if I think my attempts are worthy of showing then I will let you see them!

I am very busy at the moment.  Isn’t it crazy that I am contemplating learning a new craft in the midst of so much to do!  But, what is that saying? – "give a busy woman another job to do and it will get done quickly" – "give a woman who has loads of time on her hands and it will get done sometime, soon whenever!"  The reason I am so busy is because both my sisters have asked me to make stuff for them, plus one of my nieces is going to be a bridesmaid in a few weeks, and she wants me to make her a purse made with the same fabric as her dress (and a matching tie for her little boy!)  I have also two commissions to work on and complete.

Of course, all this extra work will be on top of my rolling workload of makes that are being constantly progressed – purses, notebooks and some new items for Christmas that I am working on!  Crazy? Yes, it helps when you are a busy creative crafter!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed looking at all the bag charms that I found on folksy.  Can I encourage you to explore a new craft or technique too?  It is very exciting.  I can’t wait to get started on making my very own handmade bag and purse charms!



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  1. Lovely bag charms Edwina.

    I know what you mean about being busy makes you busier. The more I do, the more ideas I have, and the more things I make!

    Shirley x

  2. Edwina moving into bag charms seems very fitting as you already make the most beautiful purses. I love bag charms and having things dangle from my handbags and am excited to see what you come up with.

    As for trying a new craft, there is one I want to try but doubt I ever will. I would love to be able to make reborn (lifelike) dolls. As you probably know, I do own one which I use to model some of my baby items which I purchased from a talented lady on Facebook. I know I am no good at painting though and I'm sure mine would end up looking like chucky rather than a real baby!

    Carol x