Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lusting and Coveting

I am sure we have all been there when we have seen something in a shop, on line, or elsewhere, and we have just had that overwhelming feeling that you have just got to have it!  Looking at it, we feel this urgent need to possess, own and hug it to ourselves!  I am talking about something that is both attainable and obtainable!  You can’t stop staring at it and your whole body craves for it – You have got to have it!  You have got to have it!

I know regular readers of my blog may think I have lost it, but what I am talking about is not something I feel very often, strangely enough!  But, I was struck with this longing quite suddenly recently and it took me by surprise.  I was weighing up whether I could purchase said object, and there was a fierce debate going on inside my head. “Don’t forget you have got to pay out that £75.00 on the car this month!”  However, all arguments are lost because you know no matter how hard you want to walk away, you can’t!  I was totally consumed with the idea that I had to own it – it had to be mine and I couldn’t bear the idea of it belonging to someone else!

So I purchased it!  The deed was done and soon the item would be winging its way towards me – I felt relief and excitement!  Have you ever felt like this?  How often do we lust after something?  How often do we covet something?  I know when I look at some of the beautiful items on folksy and I can’t help myself “WOW”.  Gorgeous, fabulous, amazing, beautiful etc. etc. and it is the most wonderful place to visit on a daily basis.

Regular readers will be aware of my obsession with fabric, lace and buttons – I have no idea where it came from!  But I just love them – no I don’t just lust after them or covet them.  I LOVE THEM!  Fabric is such an extraordinary thing, so many designs, colours, textures, and all different!  I just don’t know what it is about fabric that intoxicates me – but it would seem I can never get enough of it!

Well, you must all be wondering what I purchased? Yes? No?  But before I tell you I thought I would mention that today I chose to illustrate my blog with bags – lots of wonderful bags from sellers on folksy.  Aren’t they all gorgeous?  Bags are strange things – we can’t live without them – us girls, (women) – can we?  I hope you will take a proper look at them and click on the photos which link directly to the seller’s folksy shop.  I enjoyed making the selection and I hope you enjoy looking at them too!

Finally, what consumed me so much that I had to purchase it?  Would you be surprised to learn that it was a BAG?  I was.  I am a bag maker!  What am I doing buying a bag?!  But, I tell you this is no ordinary bag, it has the most fabulous fabric and it was the fabric that drew me to the bag.  I can’t, won’t show you a picture of it, because I want you to imagine in your head what would be the most fabulous bag in the world – well, I am the proud owner of it!

So, a brief message to all folksy sellers – we need more lusting and coveting of our items for sale – that will tempt the buyers to part with their money!  Don’t you think?


PS  The bag has arrived and it is fabulously gorgeous and I love it to bits!!!
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  1. Yes there are some gorgeous bags on Folksy I love fabrics too. These are lovely choices and thank you for including mine.

  2. I am continually amazed by the amount of talented makers on Folksy and yes there are lots of things on there that I truly covet. I'm also a fabric addict and can't enter a fabric shop without buying. I don't know whether you watch 'The Paradise' on BBC - it's about an early department store - but I sit there shouting at the TV "give me that fabric, those trims, that lace and those buttons"! Think I'm a lost cause! Your featured bags are all lovely and thank you for including one of mine. :)

  3. What a lovely post Edwina! Thank you for including my bag - you have chosen some lovely items to feature. @Wild Rose Designs - I find myself watching for the textiles too, Linda - its been a while since a TV series had that interest for me!

  4. Thank you for featuring one of my bags - very kind of you. I'm in good company with a lot of other lovely bags! Your blog post is really well written and builds the excitement as you read.....can't wait to see what you bought! And yes....I know that feeling well. It's the things you must HAVE to buy for no good reason that are the most exciting, instead of the thi gs you need to buy!