Saturday, 13 October 2012

Highs and Lows

Life is full of highs and lows.  That’s the way it is.  Yesterday at my Drawing Class the tutor said my drawings were full of energy and visceral.  (Now I have to confess here – I had to look the meaning up of visceral – still not absolutely clear what it means!)  But one thing I am sure of the tutor liked my drawings and that is very pleasing.  Today, I learned that one of my beautiful handmade journals purchased by a customer has gone astray in the post, and I was quite upset.  I have heard of it happening to other people, but this was the FIRST time it had happened to me!  Highs and lows.
I have rather neglected my blog lately.  No particular reason, I just could pin an idea down!  My head is full of ideas and I am constantly thinking about themes to write about, but it is no good having a theme and nothing to say!  Earlier in the week I had lunch with some friends.  We talked about our lives, about Art, Exhibitions we had visited and shared what we had been creating.  We had a fabulous meal and a very enjoyable time.  These are very special moments in life and cannot be recreated – just like my lost handmade journal that was totally unique.

One thing I have recently become totally obsessed with is creating new Pinterest boards!  It is quite enjoyable and you find things by accident that you probably wouldn’t find otherwise. It isn’t unusual for me to subsequently make a purchase after stumbling across an item!
Here are a few recent ones:
o   The Office
Of course, none of them have been chosen for Folksy’s front page, but that is a tough nut to crack and they have so many good ones to choose from.  Not complaining, because I have been VERY fortunate to have had two boards on the front page, so still basking in the glow of that minor achievement!
Of course, the other thing I have been doing, in case you were thinking that all I was doing was having lunch with friends, going to a drawing class and creating Pinterest boards (!) is I have been making some beautiful items to list in my folksy shop.  I have made journal covers, journals and notebooks, a tote, (see below) purses etc. and currently have several projects I am working on (as is nearly always the case!)  I recently rearranged the sections in my shop and I am now much happier with them.  I think they give a browser a much easier task of finding something they may be interested in purchasing.
I am hoping the Christmas shopping season will begin in earnest soon and people will come to my folksy shop looking for gifts.  I don’t have anything Christmassy as such.  Last year, I made some fabric Christmas cards, but I decided this year just to focus on gifts.  Gifts for everyone, children, women and men!
So to sum up – life is full of highs and lows and probably the best thing is to enjoy the highs and not worry or focus too much on the lows – they are just part of life. 
Hope you enjoy the selection of goodies I have chosen to illustrate this post.  They are all from the October Optimists Daily Listing Club on folksy and I chosen items that I like. Don’t forget to click on the photo which will take you directly to the sellers shop!  Enjoy!

Midnight Star Designs, Abyjem handcrafted jewellery, Lynwoodcrafts, Helle Belles Cards, Lampwork beads by Jo, Disco Diva and Handmade by Edwina.



  1. Your Red Floral tote here is beautiful Edwina :-)
    The bridal bag I had from you in the summer as a bride to be gift, was very admired at my sisters wedding recently, she absolutely loved it .... thank you
    Art In Wax

  2. You have made some lovely Pinterest boards Edwina.
    I especially liked the Yellow one!

    Shirley x

  3. A beautiful selection of items and a brilliant blog Edwina, thanks so much for featuring my necklace and keep up the Pinterest boards, theyre fab x

    Colleen x