Saturday, 15 September 2012

Something for everyone

Square handmade notebook with embroidery, sequins & beads
Last week I held my Grand Autumn Giveaway to celebrate my success at having achieved 100 sales in my folksy shop.  Participants who wanted to be entered for the draw had to browse all the notebooks and journals in my shop, and then leave a comment as to which one was their favourite.  For me, it was a fascinating exercise because nearly everyone picked a different favourite – only two people picked the same notebook or journal.  This suggests to me that my shop offers something for everyone!

Set of Three notebooks

A5 Journal or Sketchbook
I love creating notebooks and journals.  They have lately become a real passion.  I am constantly thinking up ideas for new ones, and can’t wait to get started, but whilst my ideas flow there is not enough hours in the day to achieve all that I would like!
Wedding Journal

A5 fabric Journal or Sketchbook
When I started out making journals I purchased a number of good quality, but fairly cheap A5 sketchbooks.  I wanted to use my stash of lace, so I started out by using linen as a base and then I layered lots of lace over the linen and stitched until I was satisfied with the result.  The final layer was the best layer because it allowed me to be as creative as I chose.  I often wanted to have an image (this was printed on linen) and then lots of decoration with beads, guipure flowers, appliqué and more lace!  I now only have one of these original journals remaining in my folksy shop.

A6 Handmade note book with silk brocade

A6 Handmade note book with embroidered silk cover
I love experimenting with new ideas so that is why you will such a huge selection of different notebooks and journals.  In March this year I was inspired by the work of Helen Cowans.  I met Helen at the Sewing for Pleasure, Hobbycrafts, and Fashion, Stitch & Embroidery show at the NEC. Her work is amazing, fabulous, gorgeous, and I was really taken with it when I was at the show.  I love collage and I have been doing it for a number of years.  Helen’s work uses fabric, vintage lace, photographic images, buttons etc. and these were all elements that I had used in my work.
Children’s notebooks

A6 Note book - Shades of Purple
This led me to experiment with different ways of creating journals and notebooks and theA6 Note book - Shades of Purple” and “A6 vintage style reusable cover with note book” are classic examples of this new style which I developed.  I love them, but they have not been all that successful as sellers – I have sold a few, but clearly it is not what people are looking for in a notebook or journal.
Fleur de Lys notebook

A6 vintage style reusable cover with note book
Not being someone who stands still! I was keen to develop my skills further and decided to teach myself how to make journals and notebooks from scratch.  This involved purchasing some books on making books, and bookbinding, and doing some reading and research. Then I needed to practice what I had learned to achieve what I wanted to do.  These new handmade notebooks and journals are what have mostly been selected by people who took part in the giveaway.  However, they do tend to dominate my folksy shop at the moment!  I have sold a few and I am hopeful that I will sell a few more – fingers crossed!
Travel journal
The selection of notebooks and journals displayed above are all available in my folksy shop and are the favourites of all those who entered my giveaway.  I think you will see what I mean about there being something for everyone!
Please click on the photos and have a browse – you never know you might find one that you like enough to want to buy it.  They would all make great gifts for Christmas!

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  1. Lovely post Edwina, 'time poor' is such a great expression, but reading yours definitely gives me incentive to make some time for mine! Thanks for including my bracelet.