Saturday, 8 September 2012

Grand Autumn Giveaway

Welcome to my blog.  Today I am celebrating 100 sales in my folksy shop!  I don’t think I ever thought about achieving this milestone.  As each month passes, if I have any sales, it is really lovely and such a nice bonus!  I love doing what I do, creating beautiful bags, purses, notebooks and journals.  I love all kinds of fabric, lace, buttons, ribbon, and I find it very exciting choosing and combining the materials that I have into something special and unique.

Autumn is a lovely time of the year so as well as having a giveaway, I am featuring some lovely autumnal items from the September Sellers daily listing club.  Aren’t they just beautiful?

For my Grand Autumn Giveaway I am looking for two lucky people – the Winner and a Runner up.

The Winner will receive:
v A beautiful tapestry fabric clutch bag with black velvet ribbon and lace trim and a vintage button closure.
v A large brocade fabric bag with white drawstring closure and handle. 
v A lovely A6 notebook.

The Runner up will receive:
v A vintage style bag with wrist handle made from burgundy faux suede, and burgundy wool fabric. This has a pink sequin and lace trim on the front.
v A burgundy corded fabric purse with an appliqué of a boat on the front.
v A lovely A6 address book.
All the giveaway prizes will make lovely gifts, if you decide not to keep them for yourself. 

What do you have to do to enter? 
In my folksyshop I have a number of notebooks and journals for sale. What I would like you to do is browse them all and choose your favourite. Please leave a comment on this post as to why it is your favourite notebook or journal.  Simple?  All the folk who make a comment will be entered into the draw. The Giveaway will close at 9pm on Wednesday 12th September 2012.  The Winner and Runner up will be chosen randomly and I assure you it will be done very fairly.  I will notify the winner and runner up and post the results on my blog. Good luck!


Finally, I hope you have enjoyed looking at the lovely items from the September Sellers daily listing club.  Do click on the photo and it will take you directly to their shop.  There have been some really fabulous items listed recently, and it has been really difficult to choose a small selection! Enjoy!

Top to Bottom: NOfkantsCurios, Creative Treasures, FlowaPowa Art, Deborah Jones Jewellery, Ello Design, Audrey's Cat.
Many thanks for all who entered my Grand Autumn Giveaway.  The draw has been done and it is congratulations to:
  • Silver Moss Jewellery - the Winner
  • Helenjanesdesigns - the Runner Up

I shall be having another giveaway next month to celebrate one year on folksy so do look out for that one!

All the best,



  1. My favourite is the A6 Handmade children’s note books. OK so they are aimed at children but I love the handbag fabric. I love the bright colours, maybe it's the inner child in me that's drawn to those bright colours.


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  3. What a lovely giveaway ...... to choose a favourite is not easy as hey are all lovely and the little sailboat one mearly stole my heart but I chose this one
    item 3314278 A6 vintage style reusable cover with note book
    as the image reminded me of my nana when she was younger.


  4. What beautiful items you are "giving away" Edwina! Congratulations on your 100 sales, thats fantastic. All your notebooks are beautiful, but I most like the "Square handmade silk note book with embroidery, sequins and beads", the colour is gorgeous and I love flowery things


  5. Love your shop! And congratulations on reaching 100 Folksy sales :-)
    I do like the A6 notebook made from Japanese linen but my eye was really caught by the wonderful A5 travel journal - just adore that.

    Mossy x

  6. My favourite colour is purple so it has to be this purple notebook

    Lovely giveaway and congrats on your fab sales record

  7. Lovely blog, and thanks for including my Autumn Nature's Harvest painting - that's prize enough for me :)

    My favourite journal is the travel one, I like the vintage look and most importantly it has a closing mechanism.

    Congrats on the sales!


  8. A difficult choice but my favourite is the embroidered silk covered notebook. It has a romantic quality to it and an antique olde worlde look which I love.

  9. Congratulation on reaching your Century!!!! So exciting!

    Thank you so much for including my coiled rope handbag in your feature gallery, such a lovely selection and it looks very much at home in such good company!

    You know I love your items, and there is such a wealth to choose from, but I think I have narrowed it down to one, but I am fickle so ask me later and I may have changed my mind again.

    For now my favourite is the silk brocade notebook.
    It is such a classical creation and I adore the colours!!!

    Natalie x

  10. Wow, what an amazing giveaway. Congrats on making 100 - that's quite a feat for us bag makers!

  11. Beautiful things ! I tweeted your Comp and thanks so much for featuring my cushion - gorgeous as your things are pls don't enter me for the comp - my house is stuffed with all the bags/purses/fabric'y thing I make! - I'd rather some other lucky person won!

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    This is my favourite journal in your shop, there were so many lovely ones to choose from.
    Congratulations on making a 100 sales thats great news.

    Donna x

  14. Congratulations !
    Thank you for including my earrings in your blog.
    What a fabulously generous giveaway.
    My favorite is the Fleur de Lys notebook, it has a very sophisticated feel, and I love the subtle colours in the silk.

  15. You have some gorgeous items! Of the notebooks and journals, my favourite is the A6 handmade children's notebooks; I really like the bright colours, funky fabrics and I think they would get lots of use! (I was also quite taken with the set of three too as they look fantastic and I could keep one in my bag, one by the phone and one for recipes).

    Congratulations on your success so far!

  16. What an amazing giveaway! Congrats on reaching such a big milestone! I enjoyed browsing all your lovely notebooks and journals, and it's a very difficult choice to find a favourite, but I'll pick this one as it's so very pretty:

  17. Well done on reaching 100 sales, (my tally seems to be stuck at 63 at the moment)
    You've lots of lovely notebooks & journals in your shop but my favourite is the wedding journal ( )the cover is beautiful and it's such a lovely idea to have a special place to collect all your thoughts, ideas & samples for that special day. Hope you're soon reaching 200 sales :-)

    Diane x

  18. this one for it's style and graceful ladies and where better to write down my musings,

    Max x

  19. Well done Edwina on your 100 sales. What a great give-away.
    My very favourite is....very hard to choose... the journal with the "flower" image, pretty picture with lovely lace and buttons etc., gorgeous! (got to mention the one with the lighthouse on that one too!)

  20. Just wanted to say thank-you to Edwina for the wonderful parcel that arrived for me today :-) It was all expertly wrapped and the bags and notebook are just beautiful

    Thank very much :-)

    Mossy x