Thursday, 2 August 2012

Have you seen Titan the Robot?

“Craftsmanship is doing what you love and doing it right.”
Every year for the past six years Titan the Robot comes to my home town on a day in August.  I first took my niece to see him when she was four years old and she was terrified of him.  She told me that her legs felt like jelly. All she wanted to do was run and hide from him. (A bit difficult with jelly legs though!)

Now six years later Emily stands so close to Titan she gets get soaked when he spurts out water from his eyes!  Over the years, going to see Titan has become an annual family tradition in August.  This year Emily invited two of her friends to come with her.  Also,this year my other niece and her three year old son came to see the spectacle that is Titan the Robot.

You might ask: What has Titan the Robot got to do with crafting? I believe that Titan the Robot is a supreme example of technological craftsmanship and my theme for this blog post is about craftsmanship. 

Craftsmanship encompasses great skill, passion, experience, creativity, innovation, knowledge, and quality.  The uniqueness of handmade, as opposed to mass produced, is that the craftsmanship is owned by the individual maker.  I am confident that all the crafty folk on folksy desire to be the best at their craft and to exercise excellent craftsmanship.

When you take a theme like craftsmanship it is quite difficult, because folksy is full of items that demonstrate craftsmanship – so what do I choose to illustrate my blog post?

I could have chosen and infinite number of items, but I had to restrict myself to a few.  In the end I just chose items I liked, but I also chose sellers that I thought demonstrated surperb craftmanship, and I have not previously included on my blog (I think!).

Titan the Robot is entertaining and apart from the few children who were scared or crying, the majority of children and adults were in awe of this technological wonder who sings, farts, cries, tells jokes, and seduces the audience, etc. As my niece has proved, the scared children of today will grow up to love him, as she does!
The idea that Titan the Robot is a “show off” must resonate with all crafters.  We want to show off our best creations, don’t we?  We want to hear people say “WOW”.  We want people to be in awe of what we have achieved through skill, passion and dedication to our craft.  Is this what you want too?
“Love your craft every day.”
Loving what you do and practising daily will enhance our skills and creativity.  I enjoy what I do and if I am distracted by other things in life then I can’t wait to get back to being creative!  If I have what I call a “non-crafting” day, then I always promise myself that the following day, if feasible, will be a crafting day. 
I hope you have enjoyed looking at my chosen items for this blog on craftsmanship.  As always if you click on the photo it will take you directly to the sellers shop.  Please visit my folksy shop too where I have many items for sale and I hope they “show off” my craftsmanship.  But I know one thing they will not be: they will not be as entertaining as Titan the Robot!
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  1. super items ! and my kids would LOVE Titan too!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to do your blogs Edwina. I would really miss it if you stopped. They brighten up my day.

    Love Titan! I love all robots and Sci-fi in general. Who made him and why does he not come to Preston?

    Shirley x

  3. A wonderful blog Edwina and so well put. Crafters just live to create. Such fabulous choices you have made too.
    The robot is wonderful, wished he came to Norwich, the grandchildren would love him.

  4. Fab blog, Edwina, and you've shown some great examples of fabulous craftmanship! Love your cupcake gift set!

    Debbie x

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