Thursday, 9 August 2012

Buying and Selling on Folksy

So far August has been a great month for selling items from my folksy shop.  I have sold four items since the 1st August 2012.  I thought I would show them to you because they also show the variety of items available in my shop.   But when I have sales, I am keen for opportunities to purchase from folksy.  I love buying from folksy and I will show you what I have purchased since the beginning of the month!

The denim purse was a sale item because it has been around for a while and I thought it was time it found a new home!  When I started out making purses I did a lot of appliqué in this style which came from Poppy Treffry after reading her book “Free & Easy Stitch Style.  I liked her style and wanted to experiment with it.  I was very proud of what I achieved because I was then very new to sewing, and also using a sewing machine!  I still have a butterfly purse available in my shop sale section which came from the same time – no idea why this hasn’t sold!?
When I saw that I had sold my vintage lace bag I had mixed feelings.  I was over the moon for getting a sale, but it was tinged with real sadness!  I loved this bag, and because of the price I felt fairly confident that I wouldn’t sell it!  Some lovely buyer proved me wrong!  I didn’t have any feedback from the buyer because it was a guest login, so I have no idea what they thought when they received it!!?

I was totally delighted when I saw that I had sold my Owls tote.  This was a beautiful tote and deserved a new home.  It is wonderful when you sell items you have worked on with love and care, choosing the fabric and using a design you have created.  It is the best feeling when someone appreciates it enough to buy it.  Again, sadly I didn’t receive any feedback on this purchase because it was another guest login.
Love Buttons
Will you or will you not be surprised that I spent some money on buttons?!  Yes, my old favourite.  Just can’t get enough of them.  I have thousands of them – in fact I could open a shop on folksy I have so many buttons available that it would be instantly fully stocked!

Love Buttons

Of course, I had to have some more buttons too!  These are so pretty and unusual with the lovely weave pattern.  I love the colour too!

Vintage Dreams

So I purchased the buttons and now some vintage lace.  Again, I cannot get enough of this wonderful item.  I have lots and lots of lace in my stash, but there is always room for more!  This vintage lace is particularly beautiful, and I really need to come up with an idea for something special to use it for.  But, for the meantime I am content to handle it and admire it.  Aren’t you jealous?  Aren’t I lucky!?

Di Keeble Beads and Jewellery
I don’t buy jewellery except earrings occasionally, but I do love these bag charms and have purchased a few from folksy.  I gave one to my sister for her birthday and she loved it.  They make great gifts.  I haven’t decided what to do with this one, but I am so glad I purchased it.  It is so beautiful.
Material girl
Yes!  More lace!  What can I say?  I am addicted!  This lace you will be interested to know is better than the photo.  The photo really doesn’t do it justice.  It is lovely and I have an idea for how I am going to use this lace.  Just need some time so that I can work on the project, but I am confident this vintage lace is going to be perfect for what I have in mind!
Creative Treasures
OK more buttons?  Just couldn’t resist them!  Teresa from “Creative Treasures” makes the most fabulous jewellery, and if I wore jewellery I would certainly be purchasing jewellery from her wonderful shop.  When I saw the buttons, I thought WOW!  (I don’t have any polymer clay buttons.)  I have trillions of other buttons in all kinds of materials, but nothing in polymer clay.  Isn’t that sad, kind of?  But I love them.  I’m sorry I do.  They are perfect for projects and I am sure it won’t be long before I find a use for them!  Teresa has lots more beautiful buttons so do check them out AND the most amazing jewellery.
So there you have it buying and selling on folksy.  I do hope you will check out the sellers shops because they have lots more beautiful items for sale – don’t be put off by my choices.  I am sure they will all have something you will love.  “Vintage dreams” is a lovely shop.  I am a romantic at heart and I love this shop and its contents because it makes me feel so romantic!
Finally, do have a look in my folksy shop – my sale section has some lovely bargains and I am adding to the stock regularly, so I am sure you find something you haven’t seen before!


  1. Hi Edwina! Thank you for mentioning my buttons - I'm glad you were pleased with them. I love your other purchases (and sold items!). I have just sent off my lacy collage notebook purchase from you to my friend for her birthday and I know she will love it. :)

  2. Hi Edwina, here at Fat Fairy Jewellery we love buttons too - they have become my latest obsession.... but I'm guessing it could be far worse! Off to Lancashire for the weekend, so who knows what buttons I might find up there!

  3. I'm sure there are some great buttons here in Lancashire FatFairyJewellery! Try Bygone Times if you get chance - it's near Chorley.

    Great blog Edwina.

    Shirley x

  4. Such lovely bags!
    Thanks for showcasing folksy talents

  5. Hi Edwina
    Well done on making not just one but two Folksy front pages -that's quite an achievement!

    Thought i'd post here the link to the photography tent i bought, in case you didn't pick it up as a reply on my blog. I can't find the exact one, but this is the link to the shop i bought it from. Mines about 4' square (-ish!) and was about £18 (i think - shocking memory!). Anyway, hope this helps....