Friday, 1 June 2012

Hopes and Dreams #Folksy Friday#

I hope you enjoy the lovely selection of items I have chosen to illustrate my blog post today!  I thought it was time for something completely different!  Don’t forget to click on the photo and it will take you directly to the shop.

What are your dreams and wishes?  Would you give up designing, creating, making and crafting if you inherited £1 million from a long lost Aunt, or won the lottery? What would you do?

I don’t really have any huge ambitions or desires career wise.  I wish my shop had more sales rather than believe it will eventually!  I love what I do.  Crafting is and has become so intrinsic to who I am that I can’t go for very long without doing something with my hands!  Whether it be designing or formulating a new idea, or working on a piece of embroidery, or storming ahead on the sewing machine, fast and furious!  Cutting out fabric, ironing fabric, selecting fabric for projects, putting a collage together, etc. is all part of my existence now.

The only thing I would do if I suddenly had an abundance of money to spend would be to buy a new house, so that I could either build or create a designated Craft room or Studio in which I could have all my equipment and supplies in a light, airy room that overlooked the garden and had heating in the winter so that it was warm and cosy!  Oh the luxury of space instead of the tiny, cramped conditions that I currently work in.

I would also enjoy the luxury of being able to spend more money on more expensive fabrics, instead or being restricted to remnants or budget range fabrics!  Oh to be able to buy lots of silk instead of FQs, good quality upholstery fabrics etc.  It is nice to dream.

Bringing myself back down to earth, I have some very prosaic hopes and wishes e.g.  like being featured on Folksy’s front  page (very doubtful) or having one of my Pinterest boards chosen for the front page instead of them being systematically ignored or rejected!  I would love to have more than one sale in any one day, like three or four – WOW what a day that would be!  I would love it if some of my more favoured and beautiful items were purchased from my shop.  Also, what a pleasure and a delight it would be if a famous celebrity were to purchase an item or two!

We can all dream and have our hopes and wishes!  However, it doesn’t change the determination or aspiration to make good quality handmade items that are well designed and constructed and that would be a pleasure to sell and receive!  I guess I will just carry on regardless of financial restraints or sales.  It is who I am and what I do and I love it!  What are your hopes and dreams?



Top to Bottom: Handmade by Edwina, Tara Winona Art, Sparrow Primitives, Skippingintotomorrow, Magpie Terrace, Diary of a Design Queen, wall envy art - typographic art on framed vintage book pages, Made to Make


  1. I`m with you on that one, selling lot`s would be nice. I dream of a big airy room with a place for everything... Dreams are great.
    Lovely selection.


  2. Well I do have a nice craft room now - I have converted my daughter's bedroom but it could be bigger ...

    Lots of money to spend on luxury fabrics would be nice too.

    Lovely items in your blog Edwina.
    Shirley x

  3. What an all to familiar feeling, you're not alone Edwina.
    Lovely blog and selection of items

  4. Lovely post, and thanks for including my picture.
    My dreams are very simple, mainly to keep happy and enjoy life and to keep making. Not too much to ask I dont think! Have a lovely weekend Catherine x

  5. It's always important to have hopes and dreams! I honestly believe that if you think about & visual things often enough, then one day they will happen. That said, I think my biggest wish of all (which is for everyone in the world to get along nicely) will take rather a while to come true!

    On a smaller scale, I would love to do my crafting full time, & have my own light & airy workroom to contain all my mess.

    I love all the items you have chosen - the quotes are wonderful

    Angela x

  6. What a lovely post :-) It's so nice to have more than just a few pictures of Folksy items. Keep dreaming!

  7. This is such a lovely post. Thank you for including our sign too :) xx