Thursday, 24 May 2012

Short and Sweet

I noticed that my blog posts seem to be quite long. So I thought I would set myself the challenge of writing a short post.  However, I have read short posts from other people’s blogs and often come away feeling unsatisfied.  It’s like eating a meal and still feeling hungry afterwards!  So being aware of this, part of the challenge was to try and keep it short, but also satisfying!  Keeping it short is difficult, because I am quite verbose – but how to satisfy readers, how feed them and make them feel full!?  Now that is something else.

I started this blog to talk about my craft and to support my shop on Folksy.  I think I have lost my way numerous times because I don’t want to keep writing about the same products or the same stuff (although I am sure that I do!)  I want to challenge myself and be challenged.  Don't you?

However, I always come back to same idea: crafting is beautiful.  We make beautiful items in the hope that someone will buy them.  Creating beauty is awesome and a challenge in itself.  Don't you think so too?

I hope I can satisfy you by feeding you some beautiful photographs and some delicious items from Folksy sellers for you to drool over

Top to Bottom: Handmade by Edwina, Bits N Bobs, Woolly Duck, The Handmade Home, Badge the Badger

I hope you have enjoyed my short and sweet blog post!




  1. Hmmm, lovely!!! Thank you very much for featuring my badges!

  2. I know what you mean about short blog posts - some only have pictures! However, shorter ones are sometimes more practical when, like me, you like to read lots of blogs but just don't have the time!

    Thank you very much for including my felt cookies, although now you've made me want some Chocolate!