Sunday, 26 February 2012

Show me something beautiful

A child’s smile, a bride on her wedding day, the look of love on a mother’s face when she sees her new born child for the first time, a dazzling red sunset over the calm sea, a perfectly formed flower glistening with raindrops, an exquisite piece of embroidery, a glorious piece of jewellery, a magnificent painting, and so on... and on...

There are so many beautiful things in our world, but how often do we stop in our busy lives and notice them?  Looking a beauty is uplifting, it restores our weary spirits, it refreshes our tired minds – it helps to make us feel at peace and at one with the world in which we live.

What have you seen today that was beautiful?

 Creating beautiful things is what I am about.  It’s very important.  Colour, texture, embellishment, shape, style, depth and that magical quality that is finite – all these are the ingredients for my creations, but there is no guarantee for success because beauty is in the beholder!  What we see is unique to us.

 Here are a few beautiful bags from Folksy.  They were selected because I’m all about bags myself (as you know!) and I thought it would be nice to show you some other beautiful bags that are available on Folksy. Enjoy!  And don’t forget to click on the picture and it will take you directly to their shop.



  1. Thank you so much for including my Tied to Crochet handbag amongst such wonderful creations!

    Such a bright and cheerful gallery, perfect on such a lovely sunny day as today.

    Natalie x

  2. A lovely post and selection. We do often forget to stop and look around in our busy lives it`s true.


  3. Thanks for including mine. I love seeing bags other people have made and these are all beautiful!

  4. A lovely selection of bags! All so different yet beautiful! x