Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fabulous Fabric

Sometimes I seriously have to question my sanity.  It is with regard to my obsession with collecting and purchasing fabric! I have storage boxes full of fabric and yet I can’t stop myself from buying it!  If I see something that I like, then I just have to have it!  Luckily, the sensible part of my brain does kick in when it comes to cost.  I’m a big bargain hunter!

 Recently, I visited Cath Kidston’s website and I was very seduced by her fabrics, but some were £35.00 per metre and others £20.00 per metre.  I just can’t justify the cost.  I’m not rich by a long shot!  So I happily made a visit to Ebay and managed to buy some at a much reduced price! 

There is no rhyme or reason to what I like.  It is very eclectic.  I love all kinds of fabric, vintage, retro, contemporary, lacey and quirky! I think since joining the daily listing club on Folksy my obsession seems to have intensified, because I am always being seduced by such beautiful fabrics that the other sellers display!  First, New Year Nutters now February Fruitcakes!  Well, I fit right in as I’m definitely a nutter and a fruitcake!

Today, I am illustrating what I am talking about by showing you some of my fellow Fruitcakes beautiful, fabulous fabric items! I have included Polly’s beautiful heart made from vintage lace, because lace is also another obsession!  I adore lace, vintage, antique, contemporary and my stash is in further storage boxes (Yes, there is more than one!) so you can see I am quite a collector!

Don’t forget to click on the photos and it will take you directly to their shop.  Have a great day!




  1. I think I have the same obsession, I've even gone so far as to refuse to buy new sofas (they're all made from old matchsticks, bin liners and pritt stick anyway) and I've talked the hubs into buying secondhand. Specifically the lonely little sofas that aren't part of a set, just so I get to recover them ... and buy more fabric:)

    I am far more excited than I should be by so much work.

    Gorgeous picks from our happy band of fruitcakes and big thanks for including one of mine.

    Leanne xx

  2. Many thanks for including my lace heart. I can see you would understand how excited I felt when I was given a Tesco bag stuffed full with old bits of yellow lace and the comment, If you can do anything with this you're welcome to it, if not then bin it! Lace,fabric,ribbons,wool - all obsessions!

  3. What a lovely selection - I think my favourites are Leanne's and yours today! I'm another fabric fiend and was lucky enough recently to be on the receiving end of several bags full of fabric pieces, scraps, stuffing, buttons etc. from a lady at work who was having a major clearout. A joyful moment! Shaz x

  4. I love my fabric stash just like you Edwina. I now have them all hanging on bars in the double wardrobes in my daughter's old bedroom. I just love looking at them! It is definitely an obsession and vintage fabrics are just great. I have loads of Japanese Kimono fabrics which I just can't stop buying.
    We probably all need therapy! lol :)

    Great blog.
    Shirley x

  5. Do we all hoard fabric?!

    Just to say a HUGE thanks - Mr Owl arrived today- absolutely LOVE him! kisses x