Sunday, 11 December 2011

Craft Fairs – what I love and what I hate!

Things I hate:
  • Getting up at the crack of dawn
  • On frosty mornings having to defrost the car!
  • Driving 20 or 30 miles to the unknown venue
  • Driving on the motorway when there are road works and you are already running late!
  • Taking a wrong turning during the drive – and that’s even when I’m using my Sat Nav!
  • Remembering during the drive all the things you have forgotten to bring!
  • The performance of loading the car, unloading the car, setting up...etc.
  • Fairs that haven’t been very well advertised and the result is very few visitors!
  • Visitors who examine your stall quite closely, make rapturous comments but then walk away without purchasing a single item!
  • That feeling driving home when you feel it was a waste of time and wonder if craft fairs are worth the hassle!
A6 Covered Notebook
Bridget Handbag
Aphrodite Handbag

These are a few of the items I SOLD at a recent Craft Fair:
    A6 Covered notebook – I have another in my shop and will be listing more soon
    Two Handbags:
    Aphrodite – I have told a story about this bag in a previous post.  So nice to know it has gone to a good home!
    Bridget – this was a surprise but the person loved it!
Things I Love:
  • The feeling of anticipation whilst you are planning and making items beforehand – “this could be the one!”**
  • When you wake up on the day and the sun is shining (always a good sign – you think!)
  • Driving on the motorway when the traffic is light and you make good time!
  • Feeling smug because you have remembered to bring everything this time (including the float!)
  • Arriving at the venue and being greeted by warm and friendly fellow crafters!
  • Finishing setting up the stall well before the start time and everything looks beautiful.
  • Selling an item to a fellow stallholder BEFORE the fair starts!
  • Looking around the other stalls and seeing what amazing and gorgeous things the other crafters have made and are selling – FAB!
  • Customers who make lovely comments and purchase something!
  • Talking and chatting to fellow crafters whilst waiting for the absent customers!
  • Packing up early when you have made the table fee and a reasonable profit so you are going home happy... and
  • Whilst packing up a fellow stallholder comes up and wants to buy an item they were looking at earlier!
  • The sense of achievement.
Finally, I had the most amazing feedback from a customer to my Folksy shop this week and must share it:

Received my notebook today very quick service and it is even more gorgeous than it looked in the picture , beautifully packaged too , i just love this shop :)

Listings this week included the following:

A5 Vintage Lace Covered Journal

Phoebe handbag

Silk and Lace Purse

Enodia handbag

Silk and Lace Purse
Maia Handbag
Maia handbag
A5 vintage lace journal
Enodia handbag
Phoebe handbag
Two silk and lace purses
Please visit my Folksy shop and purchase something for yourself or for someone for Christmas!
 BFN Edwina


  1. I too know the positives and negatives of craft fairs but mostly positive!

    I love chatting with the other stall holders, admiring their creations and sharing experiences.

    I love people watching and trying to engage with the shoppers although it is exhausting but good fun.

    Sometimes entertained, sometimes frustrated!


  2. Well done on the sales at the fair, those bags are beautiful so I'm not surprised they sold! The ups and downs, I guess you just hope for more ups :-)

    Your new listings are lovely, that Maia bag is stunning!

    Lorraine x

  3. Thanks for both your comments.
    I worry sometimes that no one reads my posts, so this is very very encouraging - thank you again!