Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bags! Bags! Bags!

“Every girl needs a bag (or ten) in her wardrobe and a handmade bag is the perfect present to give at any time of the year.  You can’t beat the pleasure from owning a truly unique bag ...” (Lisa Lam, p.8 The Bag Making Bible)
I love making bags.  I’m truly addicted.  In my Folksy shop you will find all kinds of handcrafted bags:  bags with bows, flaps, or appliqué.  Bags made of silk, vintage fabric, or recycled fabric.  Bags that are made with lace or adorned with lace (there are lots of those!)  There are floral totes, patchwork bags and embroidered bags, so I am sure you will find one you like!

Here is a small selection of bags available to purchase: (Click on the photo and it is a direct link to my shop.)

Terra Handbag

Minerva Handbag
Naomi Handbag
Calypso Tote

Dulcie Handbag
Ursula Handbag

Why do I make bags?
I love fabric.  I’m truly addicted to purchasing it.  I love the feel of it in my hands, the colours, the patterns and most of all the potential.  I feel like a wizard when I can manipulate a piece of fabric and create something very beautiful from it.  I love using my sewing machine.  I get a real kick from hearing it whirring away, busily sewing fabric together, and I feel like we are an important team working on joint projects!  I also love hand stitching too.  I find it very relaxing.  I can sit back with fabric, needle and threads to hand and just enjoy the simple pleasure of stitching.
It saddens me that people aren’t buying my bags – they don’t love them as much as I do and feel that they want to own them.  So my challenge to you is with forthcoming New Year around the corner, I want you to make a New Year resolution:
“In 2012, I will buy one of Edwina’s bags!  Repeat: In 2012, I will buy one of Edwina’s bags!”
All my bags are all truly unique and handcrafted by little old me.  I feel like I put a little piece of me in each bag so do buy, do value it and don’t for get to show it off to your friends, so they will want to buy one too!
Wishing you all a stupendous and prosperous 2012!
PS.  This bag is on special offer all this month.  From 1.12.2012 it will revert back to its normal price so grab a bargain whilst you can!


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  2. Love your bags and your affirmation is just so cool. xx

  3. Great sales pitch! I succumbed. What can I say, I`m weak and your bags are fabulous.
    Will do a bit of advertising of the blog.


  4. Thanks so much for your comments and support.


  5. Beautiful bags.

    I starting to love fabric but don't do any fabric crafts yet ! I'm afriad to start buying fabrics for potential projects in case I can't stop !

    When I'm beadweaving I love the hand sewing action involved, find it very relaxing and hours just pass by in a happy blur!