Sunday, 25 November 2012


I love Craftjuice but I have often wondered how people use it.  It is a great way of displaying your craft items to a huge number of people - there are over 8,000+ followers of Craftjuice on Twitter and 3,800+ fans on Facebook it's a great way to network, show off and even sell your crafts.

I hope this post will help anyone who is new to Craftjuice or wondered about how it works or was thinking of using it, but never has.  I am including a range of lovely items to illustrate my post from the November Rockets, the Folksy daily listing club.  Do click on the photos and it will take you directly to their shop.  Lots of ideas for gifts for Christmas if you haven’t finished shopping!!

Listing an item on Craftjuice is quite straightforward, but I don’t think people realise how important it is to VOTE.  I have found items from Folksy on page 4 or 5 of UPCOMING Crafts, and unless they get FIVE votes they will stay there and not be published and therefore not promoted on Facebook or Twitter.  After five votes your item is moved into POPULAR crafts, but don’t stop voting!

Your vote counts!!!
Never underestimate the power of your vote. To become popular and hit the homepage you need VOTES!!!  And you have the power to pick what should be promoted.  There is no restriction on how many items you can vote for so USE YOUR VOTE.  It is one of my favourite features of Craftjuice and I use it to the maximum – voting for a huge number of craft items – mostly from Folksy I confess, but if I see something I particularly like from Etsy or elsewhere then I will vote for it.  I vote for far more than I receive back in votes, but this is because I am not sure that people realise how important voting is.

Did you know?
Items older than 10 days that get 5 votes will never become POPULAR and not be promoted.  But it is also important not to stop voting once you are published.  Did you know that? The more votes your item has the better. Why? Craftjuice sends out a newsletter to all their members each month with the most voted items for that month. The newsletter goes to 10,000's of craft lovers all around the world.  Potential customers!!!  It was such a thrill when two of my items were in the Craftjuice monthly newsletter.  I also quite quickly and subsequently sold one of them too!

Craftjuice is not a shop.  You can’t sell or buy from it, but it is an excellent promotional platform and everyone who is serious about promoting their items should use it.  You also don’t have to be a seller in order to submit your items. Craftjuice will link to any page on the web with a craft item. If you have a blog then submit that, or you can use Flickr.  Any of the handmade markets also submit items, MISI, Etsy, Artfire, and of course, Folksy.   If you have your own individual website, you can also submit items too.  But, don’t forget to VOTE!

I hope this will get you voting – you don’t have to submit an item, or be a seller, you can go to the site and just VOTE for the items that you like.  You will need to sign in with a password, but apart from your email address no other information is required.  Why not give it a go?

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the lovely selection of items illustrating this post. I want to encourage you to consider using Craftjuice in the future - I will certainly be voting for you, if you do!!




  1. Great blog Edwina and hopefully will be read by many Craftjuice users.

    I like to vote first for any team mates on Etsy or Folksy peeps who list their items on the Craftjuice threads. If I post my item there and I am expecting a vote from them, then it is only fair that I give them ALL a vote back.

    I then usually go to Upcoming Crafts and scroll through. Many I will have already voted for but I then vote for anything which catches my fancy or I think has taken a lot of hard work and effort to produce, even if it is not to my taste.

    After that I go to Popular Crafts and do the same thing there.

    I do this every day, and it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes but it is well worth it and I see lots of things I wouldn't see otherwise.

    Sorry take over your blog Edwina! :)

    Shirley x

  2. Great post Edwina and thanks for including my little bag. I must admit being time poor at the minute Craftjuice has fallen by the wayside. Yes I could probably find a minute to post something myself but if I can't find the voting time then I just feel like I'm taking and not giving back so I don't post anything of my one at all. I do like using it though, maybe I'll try and squeeze an extra minute or two out of the day for voting, probably be after Xmas before I'm posting for myself again though.

    Leanne xx

  3. Edwina, fabulous blog, must admit I havent been active on Craftjuice lately and this may just be the kick I need! Thanks for featuring my bracelet x

    Colleen x

  4. Like Colleen and Leanne I have fallen by the watside on Craftjuice. It used to be a regular habit after listing to put things straight on there, then i missed a few times and that was it. I have sporadically listed and voted, but not like I should.
    After reading this I will try harder.
    Very good blog Edwina, thank you.


  5. Hi Edwina, I have not used craftjuice at all, but it's next on my list of things to try, so thanks for your informative post.
    crow cottage