Saturday, 26 November 2011

What’s important to you?

Hello everyone

Whilst I was thinking about what to write, I remembered something that I had made a decision on recently.  It was a kind of “What if...?” situation.  The scenario was that I had been given a warning that the building where I was living was about to explode.  All the key people and animals in my life were safe.  I had five minutes to rescue three items from the building that were important to me.  What would they be?

After careful thought, I decided it would be the following:

1.    My box of antique lace.

2.    My laptop (not in itself valuable), but everything that is stored in it!

3.    A gold ring that belonged to my mother.

As a result of the impending explosion I would lose all my stock of beautiful handcrafted items that I have made, my huge stash of fabric, lace, buttons, ribbons, vintage braid, my sewing machine, all my essential supplies and equipment, books, artworks, canvases and art supplies etc.!!!  It would be my whole life wiped away in a few seconds! 
My only option would be, starting from scratch, I would need to rebuild everything I have lost.  However, the items I rescued, because they are irreplaceable, this is the reason why I chose them.

What three items would you rescue?

Over this past week I have listed a selection of new items in my Folksy shop:  They include this beautiful framed textile picture that I created of a Pierrot:

I have also listed some new bags:

And finally I listed this very beautiful patchwork silk purse that would make an ideal gift and will hold a selection of cosmetics as the photo shows:
I am so glad that I have not, and I hope never have to face the real-life scenario I described at the beginning of this blog.  I so enjoy my crafting and the making beautiful things, that the loss of all my stock and materials would be catastrophic.  I have been busy making some more gorgeous items this week to put in my shop and I shall be listing them over the next week, so do take time to drop in for a browse.  You never know what you might find!
BFN Edwina


  1. Beautiful bags.......Not sure what I'd choose to save though I'd guess my laptop would be on the list...

  2. My three items would be , my large collection of family photos, ( I do actually have them all together in one place and easy to access in the case of fire)

    My jewellery box, with all the special ( although not valuable) jewellery my husband and children have bought and some of my mothers jewellery.

    And finally my laptop, even if I lost all my art work I would at least have a record of it all

  3. My computer and discs with all the family pics on. My jewellery box with things that belonged to my Mum and all the gifts bought over the years.
    Everything else could be replaced and stock could be made again. I would mourn my very large stash of yarn though.
    Gorgeous bags.

  4. My laptop, it has all my family photos on it and photos of my cards. My box of things the kids have made when they were small and my jewellry box, I have quite a few things that have been passed on to me and would want my kids to have them. I would mourn my ribbon stash, inks and stamp collection that I've built up over the years.
    Love the bags btw.
    Michelle - C Shell Designs

  5. Hi Edwina, found you on Folksy, great blog and lovely bags. I would! can I save all my photo albums? All my wool and all my knitting and crochet books?

  6. Thanks everyone. It's amazing how important our laptops/computers are to us!?
    I really appreciate your response.

  7. I love, love, love your bags :D

    Julie xx